Hello sweet friends. I have missed y’all so much. I have been taking a much needed blog break to refocus and reconnect with those that mean the most in my life. I’d like to share some things that have been on my heart and explain my absence.

christmas pictures family blogger styleYou may not know this if you are new to Thoughtfully Styled, but I never intended on blogging by myself. I had a wonderful partner for the first 1.5 years and we shared the load. When she left I didn’t want to give up the blog. I kept it going and Thoughtfully Styled has grown so much. It is way more than a part time job that I had hoped for. Please know I am not complaining, I am simply torn between making sure I am the wife and mom I need to be while maintaining the “blogger life.”

The past year has been one of the hardest of my life. Not all of these things are bad, just major changes for me. In chronological order (not importance!): 1. My last foster baby left my home, 2. My blogging partner decided to step away from the blog, 3. My twins started Kindergarten, 4. My father passed away, and 5. I have learned that I need a major surgery. I have not had time to digest one event before another happens and all along I’ve been trying to keep the blog afloat. So, here I am exhausted and uninspired. I have been busier than I have ever been in my life and my family is getting the short end of the stick. That stops now.

a blog break christmas pictures family pictures

If and when I can figure out the balance and how to streamline things I will be back. I have some exciting ideas and I truly hope to share them with y’all soon.

christmas pictures blogger style formal attire

I can’t think y’all enough for your support of Thoughtfully Styled. It means the world to me. When the fog has lifted I hope to be back and more inspired than ever!

Merry Christmas from my little family to yours!



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